Friday, December 6, 2013

Blogging {365-197} Oprah & Deepkak 21 days Global Meditation Class (I)


她最近和一位冥想界大師Deepkak 出了一系列有關冥想的課程,然後開放21天LIVE全球冥想課程。每一天的冥想課程都有一個centering thoughts,我覺得還滿有用的。所以我會一一列出每一天的冥想。之後我會整理我的感想,這個課程是設計自我成長,可以真正有效的做自己想做的事,follow your own dream.

Day 1 Who Am I?          I am my deepest desire. 

Day 2 Empowered Me   I am a powerful creator.

Day 3 Confident Me      Abundance flows easily and freely to me. 

Day 4 Conscious Me     Abundance surrounds me. 

Day 5 Abundant Me     I choose abundance.

Day 6 Resilient Me      A gift resides in every moment.

Day 7 Fearless Me       I am free. 

Day 8 What do I want?  My heart knows the answer.

Day 9 Focused Me       I am focused on what I want.

Day 10 Passionate Me  Now is my time.

Day 11 Intentional Me  I create my reality.

Day 12 Inspired Me      I am inspired. I am unstoppable.

Day 13 Faithful Me      I believe. I trust. I let go. 

Day 14 Grateful Me     Gratitude is my prayer. 
Day 15 How Can I serve? Serving others serves me.

Day 16  Uniquely Me   Bliss be my guide

Day 17 I embrace the teacher within. 

Day 18  Creative Me    I play. I create. I succeed.

Day 19 Blissful Me      Joy is my highest purpose. 

Day 20 Visionary Me   The world is waiting for my vision. 

Day 21 Extraordinary Me  My destiny is Joy.

Day 22 Abundant World    Love and abundance for all.  

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